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When is a Del Monte Banana Sticker Worth $25,280?


 Label Galleries
La Banana Beate Müller, Germany One of the best designed label pages in the web
A banana catalogue Don & Gerri Lorenzio, USA The Home of the Catalogue of Banana Stickers
Banana Label Museum Jochen Ebert, Germany The virtuell banana label (and other items) museum - Games, Labels and more
Fruitlabels Database André Habermann, Germany The ultimative label page on all kinds of fruitlabels
Banana Box Web Site Gerri Lorenzo, USA This web site was created by a collector of banana labels to show the often colorful boxes that bananas are shipped in and to prove that certain labels (brands) are indeed for bananas.
Sopisco News Panama Outlook on the bananas - all informations on production, shipment and marketing off bananas.
Banana World (German only) Herzlich willkommen auf dem Territorium der (Sinn)freien Bananenrepublik Bananaworld. Bananaworld ist eine sogenannte "Mikronation", ein virtueller Staat, in dem versucht wird, das politische und gesellschaftliche Leben in einem Land zu simulieren.